Suzuki's New Models - We Have Prices and More Pics!

Appearing in motorcycle publications such as Clutch and Chrome, sexy pictures and teasing lists of features detailing the latest models leave readers with questions of ‘When can I have it?’ and ‘How much’?

Helping riders with these questions, Suzuki have announced availability dates, colors and MSRPs for their most anticipated new models of 2017. This may seem like a laundry list of information, but we’ve included a quick rundown of each model, links to more detailed articles and of course, the colors and pricing.

2018 GSX250R

An all-new model, the GSX250R was designed by Suzuki as the ideal introduction for new riders to cruise into the sportbike world, while still providing the right performance, comfort and style to appeal to experienced motorcyclists as well.

Inspired by the practical sportbike heritage of the Suzuki Katana, the GSX250R features a twin-cylinder fuel-injected engine wrapped in sharp full-fairing bodywork. A low seat height, slim fuel tank and overall light weight make the new GSX250R a confidence inspiring ride. A four-gallon fuel tank and highly efficient powerplant supplies outstanding fuel economy, providing long range between fuel stops.

The 2018 Suzuki GSX250R will be available in April in Pearl Glacier White and Pearl Nebular Black, with an MSRP of $4,499.


2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 and GSX-S750Z

The 2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 and GSX-S750Z feature significant engine and chassis advancements focused on delivering an exciting ride that could only come from a bike incorporating GSX-R technology. Increased horsepower and a more capable chassis combine with sharp new street-fighter styling that resembles the GSX-S1000.  Mix in 50 state emissions compliance and a comfortable, yet sport riding position, and you have a sure fire sportbike homerun.

The 2018 Suzuki GSX-S750 will be available in April in Metallic Triton Blue/Glass Sparkle Black and Pearl Mira Red, with an MSRP of $8,299.

The 2018 Suzuki GSX-S750Z blends Suzuki’s Anti-Lock Brake System and dramatic Metallic Matte Black No. 2 body work that also features a blacked out exhaust system and other components. The richly dark GSX-S750Z will be available in May, with an MSRP of $8,899.


2017 GSX-R1000 and GSX-R1000 ABS

All-new from its sticky tires up, the GSX-R1000 exudes MotoGP influence. From the class exclusive Variable Valve Timing, (VVT), system that helps deliver a broad and strong powerband, to the compact cassette transmission, a 32-bit dual-processor ECM, 10-level traction control system, and wind tunnel tested aerodynamics, the GSX-R1000 was designed with one idea in mind, to regain the undisputed “King of the Sportbikes” crown. The new lighter and stronger aluminum, twin-spar frame features quality components like the Showa BPF fork and rear shock, Brembo monobloc calipers and T-drive rotors, and a large full LCD display help the new GSX-R1000 lay claim to the title.

The 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 will be available in April in Metallic Triton Blue, Pearl Mira Red and Metallic Matte Black No. 2/Glass Sparkle Black, with an MSRP of $14,599.

The 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 ABS adds Suzuki’s Motion Track Anti-Lock Brake System and will be available in April in Pearl Mira Red and Metallic Matte Black No. 2/Glass Sparkle Black, with an MSRP of $14,999.


2017 GSX-R1000R

Without question the 2017 GSX-R1000R is “The Ultimate GSX-R”. Suzuki engineers took everything that made the standard 2017 GSX-R1000 the “King of the Sportbikes” and  ramped it up by adding advanced rider aids such as the IMU-influenced Motion Track Anti-Lock Brake System, clutchless up-and-down quick shifting, and a launch control system that gets the rider out front fast. Other features include a compact competition battery, lightweight upper fork clamp, and LED position lights above the fairing’s large ram-air ducts. Combine all that with the responsive Showa BFF fork and BFRC shock and you have a bike that will stand at the top of the liter bike podium.

The 2017 GSX-R1000R will be available in May in Metallic Triton Blue MotoGP motif and a Glass Sparkle Black finish that features Suzuki racing heritage striping and color-coordinated suspension components with an MSRP of $16,999.


2017 V-Strom 650 and V-Strom 650XT

With aggressive new styling for 2017, the V-Strom 650 and 650XT are sure to be admired as you ride down the road – whether it’s paved or not. Employing the stronger, revised engine from the new SV650, this new V-Strom delivers more performance in every riding condition. Others will further admire the addition of a 3-mode Traction Control System, Suzuki’s Low RPM Assist, and Easy-start System that adds control and convenience. Changes to the chassis bring a bright, vertically stacked headlight, plus a new rear cargo rack and the ability to use accessories unitized with the V-Strom 1000 models.  Additional features found on the V-Strom 650XT include spoke-style wheels with tubeless adventure-ready tires, handguards, larger handlebar vibration damper weights and a lower engine protector.

The 2017 Suzuki V-Strom 650 will be available in February in Pearl Glacier White, with an MSRP of $8,799. The 2017 Suzuki V-Strom 650XT will be available in March in Champion Yellow No. 2 and Glass Sparkle Black, with an MSRP of $9,299.


2018 V-Strom 1000 and V-Strom 1000XT

The 2018 V-Strom 1000 and 1000XT take riding to the next level with sharper styling and a bevy of new features aimed directly at improving your adventure. Rider comfort is improved with a taller windscreen that is easily adjusted by hand. The electronics on the V-Strom 1000 got a big upgrade for 2018 with the addition of a 3-axis, 5-direction IMU that works with Suzuki’s Motion Track Anti-Lock Combined Brake System that not only delivers superb braking performance but aids chassis stability when braking while cornering. This system, the first in the V-Strom 1000’s class, combines with the 3-position Traction Control System and torque-rich 998cc 90O V-twin engine to aid rider confidence when road conditions change.

Additional features found only on the V-Strom 1000XT include spoke-style wheels with tubeless tires and a large diameter, tapered handlebar that helps damp vibration.

The 2018 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 will be available in April in Pearl Glacier White, with an MSRP of $12,699. The 2018 Suzuki V-Strom 1000XT will be available in May in Champion Yellow No. 2 and Glass Sparkle Black, with an MSRP of $12,999.


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