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Kawasaki's Z900RS CAFE - Sexy Times at EICMA

Following the Z1 inspired Z900RS at the Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki targeted the EICMA show to debut another model in the line dubbed the Z900RS CAFE.

Taking the modern classic style of the highly received Z900RS in a new and imaginative direction, the Z900RS CAFE also traces its roots back to the Super Four model Z1 of 1972 - with the added twist of a bold approach to color and graphics plus a drop-style black finish handlebar for a more focused riding position.

“We were delighted at the worldwide acclaim for the Z900RS when it was launched just a few weeks ago”, commented Director of Kawasaki Motors Europe, Morihiro Ikoma.


A step away from standard, the low handlebar creates a sporty body position matched well by a bikini cowling and stylish seat complete with racer inspired rear hump. Making sound sense, the exhaust system is Kawasaki’s first tuned specifically for tone and fits the overall attention to detail of the Z900RS CAFE perfectly with its subtle brushed satin finish.

Multi-spoke cast wheels give the appearance of traditional wire spoked items while the meticulous attention to detail manifests itself with clever engine details and a clean overall appearance uncluttered by poorly routed hoses and cables.

As with the legendary Z1, the heart of the machine lays with its formidable engine. In the case of the Z900RS CAFE this is a unit equipped with KTRC traction control and an assist and slipper clutch. Contained in a lightweight tubular trellis frame and matched to 41mm inverted front forks and horizontal back link suspension, handling and performance are totally up to date.


Lighting the way a distinctive LED headlamp is mated to a Z1 style elliptical LED rear unit while the traditional speedometer and rev counter assembly is complemented by a central LCD information panel covering the vital functions of this confident arrival on the modern classic scene.

Of course for some riders the Z900RS CAFE will be merely the starting point for further personalization and a wide range of Kawasaki genuine accessories will be available to personalize the vintage lime green machine.

 “The Z900RS CAFE widens the appeal of the new RS offering and personifies the True Spirit model tag line, Kawasaki took its time to enter the modern classic scene but the wait was worthwhile,” noted Ikoma. “The Z900RS CAFE and Z900RS have a unique heritage and an authenticity that sets them apart as the genuine article.”

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